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25 Sep 2017

The NFL Will Live to Regret This

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Baltimore Ravens

The Washington Times quotes a poll indicating that one-third of the country is considering stopping watching the NFL.

The Left has suddenly converted to being on favor of Free Speech. Free Speech is good when it takes the form of black athletes performing a gesture of disrespect toward the country and the rest of us.

Of course, they have a political right to express hostility toward, and contempt for, the United States. No one is going to arrest them or prosecute them in any court of law either. But, parri passu, the right of free speech, as we all know, does not mean that your employer has to tolerate your views. Mozilla and Google made national news throwing out employees who took politically incorrect positions frowned upon by those companies.

And what goes for giant Silicon Valley companies certainly goes for the great America football viewing audience.

Yesterday, one single Pittsburgh Steeler, West Point graduate & Army veteran offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva, appeared outside the locker room to stand for the National Anthem.

Coach Mike Tomlin was reported to have been “disappointed” that there was not “100% participation” in boycotting the Anthem out of respect for the football team.

Coach Tomlin obviously believes that respect for African-American racial chauvinism and respect for team solidarity come before respect for America and national solidarity.

This particular point of view, I can tell you, is not going to be a hit in Appalachian Steeler Country. Boycotts, Mike Tomlin, Roger Goodall, and all those aggrieved and oppressed multi-millionaire black players are going to find out can go both ways.

31 Mar 2009

When Obama Gets Around to Professional Sports

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Digital Anarchy imagines the Community-Organizer-in-Chief bringing fairness to the NFL.

Hat tip to Scott Drum.

04 Jan 2006

Lynn Swann to Run for Governor of PA

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Lynn Swann

Republicans had some better news today, when retired Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro Wide Receiver Lynn Swann announced his intention of seeking the GOP nomination for Governor of Pennsylvania.

A Hall of Famer who played for the Steelers 1974-1982, Swann still lives near Pittsburgh. He has worked as a football commentator for ABC Sports since his retirement from football in 1983.

If elected, the 53-year-old Swann would be Pennsylvania’s first black governor. He faces three other candidates in seeking the Republican nomination for governor – his first run for political office. The other contenders, still in the race, at the moment, are former Lieutenant-Governor William Scranton III, State Senator Jeffrey E. Piccola, and Jim Panyard, the former director of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association. The winner of the May 16 primary will probably face current Governor Ed Rendell, a liberal democrat,who is expected to seek a second four-year term.

Swann planned to kick off his campaign with a Wednesday night rally in Pittsburgh, followed by appearances in Altoona and Scranton on Thursday, and in Philadelphia, Allentown and Lancaster on Friday.

His announcement did not come as a surprise. A political committee has been raising money for his campaign for nearly a year, though he was the last of four known Republican hopefuls to make his candidacy official.

A very large portion of Pennsylvania is Steeler country, and a black Republican candidate is unlikely to fail to make inroads on the democrats’ PA urban bases. Ed Rendell is probably going to wind up looking just like the unfortunate defensive player in the photo above.

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