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07 Mar 2020

Poor Hungry Polar Bear!

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Laughing Squid:

While filming the BBC nature series The Polar Bear Family and Me, the adventurous wildlife filmmaker Gordon Buchanan found that a very hungry and very persistent polar bear really wanted bring him home for lunch. The nosy ursine tried every trick she knew in order to try to get into the reinforced cage holding Buchanan, using her massive paw and jaws to breach any possible opening.

Luckily, the polar bear backed off when realized that she was expending far too many calories for too little a reward. While he was able to get some absolutely brilliant photos from this encounter, it was probably one of the most terrifying moments in Buchanan’s long career.


Personally, I agree with Quint.

HT: Karen L. Myers.

24 Jan 2014

Playing Ring-Around-the-Vehicle With a Polar Bear

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The human won, but pretty narrowly.

Daily Mail

20 Dec 2013

Seasons Greetings

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25 Nov 2013

Polar Bear Attacks in Vermont

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06 Jan 2013

Awww, Give that Poor Bear a Can Opener, She’s Hungry!

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Perverse Nature fun From the Daily Mail, teasing hungry bear with food that is withheld:

So THAT’S what it’s like to be eaten by a polar bear! Photographer inches from animal’s jaws as he takes wildlife shots from safety of perspex cage.

(The video is currently “unavailable,” but I find that they usually get these running again a day later. Try it again tomorrow.)

01 Jan 2013

Anybody Home?

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16 Nov 2010

Risky Photo

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How high exactly can a Polar Bear jump? How fast can he move?

The Daily Mail published this image of wildlife filmmaker Tristin Bayer engaged in a staring match with one of the natives of Cape Churchill, Manitoba.

15 May 2008

Bush Interior Department Places Facts on Endangered List

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Gateway Pundit notes that Polar bear numbers are up in 11 of 13 regions of Canada recently.

And successful conservation practices have dramatically restored bear numbers over the past half century.

While Arctic ice levels are at their highest point in 15 years.

But none of these considerations prevented the Bush Administration’s Department of the Interior from swallowing journalists’ fairy tales based upon somebody’s computer model and placing Polar Bears on the Threatened Species List. The purely imaginary decline, thought by some Interior Department experts to be a future possibility, is attributed to imaginary Anthropogenic Global Warming.

There’s your Republican government at work for you, identifying a non-existent problem contrary to the evidence of the facts on the basis of the other side’s ideology out of political cowardice.

Obama or Hillary can complete the process next year, and assure that all energy exploration in the Arctic will be firmly prohibited by law.

10 Mar 2006

I Guess He Recognized What It Was Supposed To Be, Alright

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Little Japanese girls may not want to wear seal hats near the polar bear tank….. video

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