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15 Aug 2015

BBC Talking Animals Video

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Sometimes vulgar, but funny.

31 Jul 2015

Auschwitz Commandant Outraged Over Mengele Video

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The People’s Cube makes a pretty apt comparison.

Rudolph Hoess, family man and commandant of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, has been desperately trying to restore the camp’s reputation after some damaging remarks by one of its doctors, Joseph Mengele, were caught on tape and posted online. …

To Hoess, such behavior is unacceptable. “I want to be clear,” said Hoess, “that I find the tone of Dr. Mengele’s remarks inappropriate, and that he has been properly reprimanded. Furthermore, I wish to emphasize that nobody on the staff at this concentration camp in any way profits from the clothing, valuables, cash, and gold fillings that are reallocated from our guests. While some evidence, which was tragically burned, may have indicated an occasional impropriety, we nevertheless pride ourselves in offering compassionate care at this facility, no matter what.”

Read the whole thing.

21 Jul 2015

Swimming Jaguar

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06 Jun 2015

“Some Minutes Are Enough to Reduce to Ashes the Enemies Attempting to Hurt the Dignity of Our Supreme Leadership”

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Hilarious North Korean propaganda videos showing fanatical pilots taking off in 40 to 60 year old Russian jets to crush their American adversaries, pretty ladies shopping in friendly stores packed with merchandise, advertising the automobile of which they have successfully produced 1000 examples in 16 years, depicting the long-promised “Three-Day-War” in which North Korea completely routs South Korea and her American ally, and so on.


23 Apr 2015

Hey, You, Put Down That Phone! (Chinese Video)

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2:48 video

11 Apr 2015

Boys Will Be Boys

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02 Apr 2015

Adult Wednesday Addams

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First Episode:

Link to other episodes.

Hat tip to Robert Breedlove.

28 Feb 2015

.44 Magnum Versus Balloons

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24 Feb 2015

Looking Forward to Spring

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A Western Fly Fishing video devoted to Ralph Moon, author, fly tier, bamboo rod builder and conservationist who lived on the banks of the Henry’s Fork River in St Antony, Idaho. He passed away in 2011.

12 Dec 2014

Ryszard Barylinski, Brushmaker

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A rather charming short 3:54 video about a Polish brushmaker who still produces his wares personally by hand.

30 Nov 2014

The Little Russian Tractor That Could

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I could use one of those.

09 Aug 2014

Drone Captures Muslims Doing It With Goats

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“I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

Barack Obama, Remarks by the President at Cairo University, 04 June 2009.

The nationality of the drone and that of the Muslims is unclear. Some sources identify the video as captured by an Israeli drone and the principals as Hamas fighters in Gaza. Others as a US drone overseeing Taliban supporters in Afghanistan.

There are more references to Israel, but I think it may be Afghanistan.

Back in 2009, Brian Mockenhaupt, in Esquire, wrote of US Predator drone pilots:

[T]hey see many things meant to be secret, like men having sex with sheep and goats in the deep of night. I first heard this from infantry soldiers and took it as rumor, but at Bagram I met a civilian contractor who works in UAV operations. “All the time,” he said. “They just don’t think we can see them.” Which sums up a major allure of UAVs: Though they should know better by now, many insurgents still feel safe working in darkness or in the shelter of distant mountains and valleys, so they are exposed again and again. The unmanned planes have eroded their freedom of movement and simple early-warning systems, two of their few assets when outmatched in weapons, technology, and resources. Helicopters can be heard a mile or more away. Spotters watch vehicles leave bases and follow the slow advance of dismounted patrols. Surprise is a rarity for U. S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. The insurgents almost always know they’re coming, with at least several minutes’ notice. So they toss weapons behind a rock and become, in an instant, civilians. But with a camera parked three miles overhead, last-minute subterfuge doesn’t work.

From Moonbattery via Vanderleun.



I have heard the exact same story from 3 different national guard servicemen who served in Iraq. They all belong to the same local national guard unit, but served non-overlapping tours. I am not sure if they know each other or not. The story goes that while on duty at night in Iraq, one of the other soldiers using night vision goggles saw an Iraqi man having sex with a goat and then all the other soldiers came and saw with their own night vision goggles. This strikes me as implausible that three different soldiers in three different years, 2003, 2006, and 2007, all saw something so bizarre.

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