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02 Feb 2013


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New groundbreaking technique merging computer-generated animation with hand-drawn, Oscar-nominated short.

Hat tip to Theo.

09 Jan 2013

“Helomskie Obychai” (Khelom’s Customs)

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An animated film made by Irina Litmanovich as a SHAR studio school Director’s course project in 2005.

“A mournful celebration of the fact that life’s problems never end.”

Hat tip to Viktorija Ruškulienė.

04 Oct 2012

Taiwanese Video Game Version of Presidential Debate

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Hat tip to Sarah Hoyt.

01 Oct 2012

“Barry the Hero”

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Former Special Forces officers mock the presidential leadership style in this cartoon.

Hat tip to Theo.

20 May 2012

Animated History of Europe

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From a Bulgarian source, an animated history of Europe from the Early Middle Ages showing how countries and empires came and went and boundaries changed. Look at what happened to Lithuania!

27 Apr 2012

Li’l Liza Jane


I heard this 1910 Minstrel Show hit performed by DJ Davis and the Brassy Knoll in the course of the final episode of the second season of Treme.

I wanted to hear it again, but the Treme version is not being offered in MP3. YouTube, at least, offered a decent version, which served as background for a fairly surreal Warner Brothers cartoon.

05 Apr 2012

“Seniai Toli” (Long Distance)


A quaint, folkloristic animated history of Lithuania, from the Pre-Cambrian to today.

It probably won’t make much sense to the non-Lithuanians out there. The armored wolf you see at one point is a symbol of Lithuania. It seems that Grand Duke Gedymin took a nap while hunting and dreamed of an iron wolf. As the result of his dream, he founded the city of Vilnius. The transition from the Battle of Grunwald (1410) to the Third Partition (1795) is rather quick, but that is the linguistic nationalist perspective for you.

The depiction of the communists as crabs is, I think, some kind of linguistic pun.

Hat tip to Viktorija Ruškulienė.

23 Mar 2012

Miniature Kiev

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Incredibly detailed miniature animated portrait of the capital of Ukraine.

Hat tip to Walter Olson.

01 Jan 2012

JibJab’s Goodbye to 2011

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05 Dec 2011

Animated Pop History

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It’s vital that public schools teach Evolution. Otherwise, children might grow up unable to follow the plotline of this video.

Hat tip to Colossal Art & Design.

01 Nov 2011

“Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn?”

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Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan.

14 Jan 2009

Play With the Spider


Karen will like this one!


Hat tip to NavySealDad.

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