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26 Nov 2021

Man Captures 19.5 Foot Python in Florida and Cuts It Open. Finding 3 More Boxes of Uncounted Democrat Ballots.

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16 Sep 2021

Amazing Fishing Technique

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13 Dec 2019

Honey Badger Versus Python & Jackals

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(no video embed available) 4:22 video.

“There is a bloody brave little animal called the honey badger in Africa. It may be the meanest animal in the world. It kills for malice and sport, and it does not go for the jugular – it goes straight for the groin.”

–Robert Ruark.

The Independent

HT: Karen L. Myers.

27 May 2016

It Doesn’t Get Much Worse Than This

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NY Post:

BANGKOK — A Thai man is recovering from a bloody encounter with a 10-foot python that slithered through the plumbing of his home and latched its jaws onto his penis as he was using a squat toilet.

Whole thing.

02 Sep 2015

Python Vs. King Cobra

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The fight went on for half an hour on a street near Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Both snakes apparently wandered into the city from nearby jungle.

The cobra was subsequently captured and deposited in the local zoo. The python was released in a wooded area, but it had been bitten by the cobra and is not expected to survive.

05 Mar 2014

Python Eats Crocodile

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A 10 foot water python (Liasis fuscus) was filmed, and made international news, on Sunday at Lake Moondara in Queensland, Australia defeating and then devouring a small three foot crocodile.

Brisbane Times



Hat tip to Karen L. Myers.

29 Nov 2013

“Python Eats Drunk Man” Photo Hoax

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Intriguing picture, currently on Push the Movement, but it has apparently been circulating on the Internet for a couple of years with a variety of attributed locations, so the “drunk man” part and the “India” part are almost certainly not true.

Urban Legends:

Depending on which version of the story you read, the overstuffed python above swallowed a drunk guy in India, an unknown woman in South Africa, an unknown man in Qujing, China, a person of unknown gender in Indonesia, or a 4-year-old child in Malaysia.

All of the above can’t be simultaneously true, obviously. The photo, which I’ve not yet been able to trace to a definitive source, has been circulating online for at least two years and more likely than not documents a python digesting a goat or a deer.

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