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07 Apr 2015

Hitler Can’t Get a Gay Wedding Cake

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11 Feb 2015

Hitler Learns About Brian Williams Getting Caught Lying

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16 Nov 2014

Hitler Learns that Field Marshal Gruber Has Spilled the Beans

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12 Nov 2013

Hitler’s Lost His Health Insurance

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18 Oct 2013

Hitler Learns About the Obamacare Exchanges

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22 Apr 2013

Hitler Finds Out Gun Control Failed In The Senate

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10 Oct 2012

Gangnam Hitler

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Hat tip to Jose Guardia.

07 Jun 2012

Had to Happen: Hitler Hears About Wisconsin

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30 Mar 2011

No Ground Zero Mosque

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No Ground Zero Mosque.

Imam Hitler gets the bad news.

18 Jun 2010

Hitler Hates Those Vuvuzelas!

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Latest Der Untergang parody: 4:07 video

Hat tip to Anne Tiffin Taylor.

20 Apr 2010

No More “Der Untergang” Parodies

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Constantin Films, owner of “Der Untergang” (2004), is asserting its copyright and closing down all the amusing Hitler-chewing-the-carpet parodies.

What a pity! The “Downfall” parodies were becoming a well known Internet Meme, and really worked marvelously as a commentary on any current debacle or untoward development. They will be missed.

TechCrunch responded with a new one featuring Hitler ranting over his removal from YouTube, but they’ve already shut it down.

Pretty stupid and unattractive corporate behavior, if you ask me.

What do these parodies cost the film’s owners? Nothing. What is their impact? Millions of dollars of free publicity turning a relatively little known film into a famous cultural icon and making Constantin’s property ever so much more valuable. Shutting down the Untergang parodies is really just about as clever as invading Russia.

11 Mar 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

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UPI reports that the cops in Oklahoma City received an interesting offer.

Authorities in Oklahoma said a man who crashed into a parking lot walked into a jail and offered a stick he called the “last tree in the universe” as payment.

Oklahoma County sheriff’s deputies said Rondell Bailey walked into the downtown Oklahoma City jail with a stick and told deputies he wanted to offer the object, which he called the “last tree in the universe,” in exchange for dropping any possible charges against him, KOCO-TV, Oklahoma City, reported Wednesday.

The deputies said Bailey left after being told the stick was not an acceptable form of payment and threw a brick through a jail window.

Investigators said they discovered a white powder suspected to be methamphetamine during a search of the suspect’s truck.


Steve Hoefer
made a glove which will play Rock, Paper, Scissors against its wearer. The glove was winning in this 1:36 video

Hat tip to Rosa Golian and Karen L. Myers.


Satire of typical news report (Warning: lots of off-color language). 2:02 video.

From Vanderleun via Karen L. Myers.


“Just buy me a sun dress and put me in a Prius!” Hitler declares angrily on learning that Jerry Brown is again running for governor of California in the latest “Der Untergang” take-off.

3:49 video.

Hat tip to Kenneth Grubbs.

16 Feb 2010

Klimatedammerung in the Bunker

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How many times will Bruno Ganz’s Hitler in Oliver Hirschbiegal’s “Der Untergang” (2004) be re-subtitled for satiric purposes? Who knows? However often they use it, it always seems to work pretty well.

This time the Fuehrer is getting the bad news about Climategate

3: 50 Hitler On Climate Change

From Viral Footage via RightWing News.

30 Jan 2010

Hitler Does Not Like the Ipad

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Bruno Ganz’s portrayal of everyone’s favorite demented dictator chewing the carpet in Oliver Hirschbiegal’s “Der Untergang” (2004) is becoming a reliable vehicle for parody subtitling.

This time Der Fuehrer is displeased with some of the limitations of the Ipad.

3:59 video


Personally, I thought the recent version depicting news of Scott Brown defeating Martha Coakley reaching the bunker was a good deal funnier.

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