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11 Jan 2017

The Spice Must Flow!

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12 Nov 2016

Bad Donald!

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(Some .gif files just do not work properly when saved. This was one of them. Unfortunately, I do not currently know how to fix that problem.)

30 Apr 2016

Bald Eagles Nest Cam Shocks Viewers

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Animal lovers got a shock yesterday when a webcam broadcasting pictures of a bald eagle nest in Pittsburgh showed the adult eagles feeding somebody’s domestic cat to their chicks.

Washington Post story

Cats? Bald eagles are powerful enough to kill sheep or even small deer.

27 Jun 2015

Off My Porch!

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07 Jun 2015

Bad Cat

17 Apr 2015

Animals Looking at Food

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Sad and Useless has a pretty good collection of photos to waste time smiling over.

13 Mar 2015

Eagle: “I Eat Things Your Size, But Not Like You.” Cat: “I Eat Things Like You, But Not Your Size.”


“Carry on, Cat.” “Same to You, Eagle.”

30 Jun 2014

Let Us In, Mom!

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22 Jun 2014

The Last Thing a Christmas Ornament Sees

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Via John Anderson.

17 May 2014

More on the Bakersfield Cat Heroine

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Some backstory from the cat’s owners:

14 May 2014

Bakersfield Cat Runs Off Attacking Dog, Saves Kid

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10 Mar 2014

Alleged Jedi Cat

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His light sabre is red. That cat isn’t a Jedi. He’s a Sith.

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