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24 Apr 2017

Good Trade Name


12 Apr 2017

Ten Examples of United Special Terminology



9. Guest Pilot

“We have a guest pilot on board this morning, so we’ll be announcing our bonus destination shortly.”
10. Unscheduled Equipment Retirement

“United regrets to announce that Flight 80 from Boston to Las Vegas experienced an unscheduled equipment retirement. As soon as our United crew reaches the flight’s bonus destination, we will announce how many passengers, if any, we will re-accommodate.”


12 Apr 2017

United Airlines: New Commercial




United Airlines is in negotiations with Bull Conner to be the new VP of Customer Services. Various former officials of the Khmer Rouge turned down the offer, saying in a statement, “we feel we’ve brutalized enough Asian doctors over the years.”

05 Apr 2017

9mm vs. 45 ACP

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04 Apr 2017

The Japanese: Nuked Just Right

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01 Apr 2017

Repeat Offender Charged with Arson in Atlanta Overpass Fire

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31 Mar 2017

The Australian Bin Chicken

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Threskiornis moluccus:

“Historically rare in urban areas, the Australian white ibis has immigrated to urban areas of the east coast in increasing numbers since the late 1970s; it is now commonly seen in Wollongong, Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Townsville. In recent years the bird has also become increasing common in Perth, Western Australia and surrounding towns in south-western Australia. Populations have disappeared from natural breeding areas such as the Macquarie Marshes in north-western New South Wales. Management plans have been introduced to control problematic urban populations in Sydney.”

Hat tip to SuperversiveSF.

18 Mar 2017

Irish Joke


Rest here.

03 Mar 2017

The Creature is in a Bad Mood


27 Feb 2017

Faux Trump Tweet

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22 Feb 2017

How to Annoy Europeans

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24 Jan 2017

Dutch to Trump: Make the Netherlands Second!

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From Dutch television show “zondag met lubach”.

11 Jan 2017

The Spice Must Flow!

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10 Jan 2017

Be Careful!


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